Adding Keyword For Search Engine Marketing

Getting Keywords:
A large and relevant keyword list is one of the most important things in having a profitable campaign. Having a relevant keyword list ensures that only people who are looking to purchase your product are seeing your advertisement, and a large keyword list helps to lower your overall average cost per click and advertising fee’s.

Even through I have created the keyword lists for you, it is important for you to know this for future accounts. Adding the keywords to the Yahoo Search Marketing AdGroup

This is very easy to do and there are two ways to do this:-

The First Way
The first way is to create a new campaign or Adgroup, and when you get to the page which tells you to choose keywords, you simply copy and paste the list I gave you into the box on the right side of the page. This box says you can enter up to 50 keywords, but I have entered over 100 keywords without a problem.

The Second Way
When you are finishing adding keywords, simply click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Selecting Bids:
On this page you will be asked to specify your maximum bid prize for all of your keywords at one time. This means that for now all of your keywords will have the same maximum bid. Since YSM’s minimum bid ( the lowest amount of money you can pay per click ) is $ 0.10 per click, I recommend that you set your bid prize to $0.10 or $0.15.

This way you will not be paying an absolute fortune on your advertising. There is a slight advantage of bidding $0.15 rather than $0.10. This is because a lot of advertisers set their bids at $0.10, and by setting your max bid one cent higher then theirs, you will have a higher ranking. Sometimes I look and see that there are 10 or more advertisers bidding $0.10 for a keyword, and all I have to do is bid $0.11 and I am automatically ranked higher then them.

When you first see the keyword page, you may see the following message, and if you do then don’t worry, because it is perfectly normal.

Basically, all this message means is that Yahoo has found some duplicate keywords within your keyword list and they have removed the duplicates for you.

You may be thinking “I know I didn’t have any duplicate keywords in my keyword list…”. If you’re thinking this, then remember back to the Match Type settings. If you checked the “Advanced Match Type” then Yahoo will delete the keywords that are similar to other keywords within your account. So if you use the keyword “Make Money” then the keyword “Earn Money” will be removed, because your advertisement will already be displayed when someone search for “Earn Money” because “make Money” keyword will display it.

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