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I am trying to get the pin number from last 4 months but failed. please tell me wt to do? I am trying to get the pin number from last 7 months but failed this ?  Why I did not receive my adsense pin yet? etc………..


If you face this type of problem that simply means the postal service either lost it, or sent it to the wrong address.


Why Adsense PIN verification ?

You must ensure that your adsense account is verified. Its an important part for adsense publishers. If not, no matter how much you might earn from clicks on your website, you will never receive your payment. Your google adsense will be suspended.

Adsense PIN Preview:



You have to follow the normal PIN process that every publisher has to follow, and it can take anywhere from a 30 days to 90 days to receive its totally depend on your location and postal service . I think they say you have to wait a specified number of weeks before you can request a new one.


If there is not and you have requested the PIN three times, then a message will appear in your account telling you how to verify your address by an alternate method. You can use any authorized document scan your bank statement and send it in reply to that email that verifies your name and address for adsense account. Just send him your Driving license, Passport digital copy, PAN card copy, Electricity Bill, Has bill copy or  anything which can prove.


Adsense PIN received. What to do next? 

You must now login to your adsense account. You will see the following sentence “Your payment are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. More Details”. Click  “More Details” link. Click it to proceed. finally submit your pin from “Submit PIN” link. Now adsense screen will saying “Thankyou”.


Don’t worry need a patience or check if the right address is there in your account. My experience it will take some time like 30 to 90 days,. My social friend Rohit from india had to wait 90 days, i was lucky because i got adsense pin within 45 days from bangladesh. If your address is any remote location you must provide better update your address to your relative’s / friend’s/ official address located in a city. You can change address anytime. Please inform Google adsense support if you dont get.


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