Advertisement and consumers

Every organization, or rather, Brand, invests a lot of capital on marketing, a major chunk of which is spent on making ads and this creates an influence on the consumer.

Sometimes an advertisement is so good that the average consumer will go out and buy that product only to find out later that what they saw in the advertisement is very different in reality. Today’s advertisements use tactics that are invasive and controlling.

Advertisement and consumers go together. There are also both a hallmark and a malaise of modern life. Aggressiveness is now being used in the world for promotion of products and consumer goods and services from shoes to ships, from hair dressing to air liner.

Actually, the advertisement is the great means to promote the market of the products.

So. the manufacturers or entrepreneurs of the products try to attract the consumers through very attractive and interesting advertisement. Sometimes advertisements are so rough and tough that the consumers become the prey to the misleading advertisement.

There are plenty of allegation that traders and manufacturers resort to various malpractices aimed at befooling the consumers and maximizing their own profits.

Sometimes adds are very harmful to the children. From their early hood they become familiar with the bad names and bad habits like smoking, falsehood and different kinds of poses. So, it is necessary to stop unethical business, unethical advertisement.

The consumers think that government must formulate an appropriate set of laws or regulations and should have a body to ensure that all go by the rules.

Advertising on consumers can make for annoyed parents, yet at the same time the parents are also likely to purchase at least some of the products being advertised for their kids such as for a birthday gift or special treat.

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