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Advertisement is a promotional activity, which is done by mar­keters for introducing and pro­moting their products or ser­vices to the customers. Today marketers have to maintain many rules and regulations for doing business. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of these organisa­tions. Performance of the organisations largely depends on whether the organisation is socially responsible. For doing business, another concept of societal marketing is also neces­sary.

The societal marketing concept calls on marketers to fulfill the needs of the target audience in ways that improve society as a whole, while fulfill­ing the objectives of the organi­sation. Marketers also have to maintain ethics in their busi­ness and in their promotional activities.

Some of the advertise­ments of perfumes are so inap­propriate that it is really embar­rassing to watch ibem with family members. But to keep pace with our neighbouring countries and with the greater extent of the satellite channels, these kinds of ads are also being produced in our country.

For many days now, the Bangladeshi media is telecast­ing an advertisement. The ad Is about parachute oil. In this ad ai first we see that an owner of a coconut oil factory in his dirty workplace where the oil is pro­duced manually and in an unhy­gienic way. Then, a phone call comes from his wife, asking him to bring coconut oil| home. The owner of the firm goes to a departmental store and buys parachute coconut oil. He says, ‘khola teler moto noy’ (not like open dirty oil) , parachute is always pure, because it is pro­duced in a hyeigenic environ­ment.

But the matter of concern about the ad is that, being an owner of an oil firm, why does­n’t he use his firm’s oil? As he is producing a commercial prod­uct, he must sell it to the public, But he indicates through the ad that his product Is dirty and impure, and ho sells it despite all that. It is easily understandable that, by selling this product he is deceiving customers.

Is this an ethical ad? Is this what we want our kids to be watching and learning on TV? In a seminar study 1 proved this is the best example, that depicts the soci­etal marketing concept. We say one thing, and do another. This ad is an example of that univer­sal truth! Shouldn’t our authori­ties look into this?

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