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Lot of friends asked me a questions about getting banner ads at Buy Sell Ads. Buysellads is a banner advertisement network which was found in 2008. I’m writing about it because now I have personal experience with them. buysellads allows you to easily buy advertisements on other web sites. Make money from buysellads by displaying their ads on your website. It helps medium size blog to earn money online at home.


After submitting your website details, you can wait for advertisers to grab your add spaces. In my experience, the following are some of the major advantages of BuySellAds.



  • BuySellAds have minimum payout restriction of 50 USD. It’s really small publisher friendly
  • BuySellAds take low commissions ( 25% ),  you take 75%.
  • Your blog must have decent traffic. Your blog need to get few thousands of  quality visitors per month are sufficient.
  • Advertisers like niche specific blogs or website
  • ads are sold at a fixed 30 days of rate
  • 50,000 impressions earn around $100 per month
  • BuySellAds have three payout options You can request to get paid by wire transfer, Paypal or check.

BuySellAds alternative:

BuySellAds charge 25% charge. If you want to keep 100% of your earnings ( without charge ), OIOpublisher and adsense are good alternative to BuySellAds. you can try .


I decided to try out BuySellAds in 2010. In my experience buysellads are not really a better alternative for small blog publishers because many small blog publishers failed to sell their advertisement space and it is very restrict to accept blogs in their network my blog get 5000 quality search traffic per month and page rank-1, Alexa traffic rank-566000 they do not accept my blog for some unknown reason even if a blog is fulfilling all the requirements.

Incoming search terms:

Blog Attachment


  • Narin

    How can i know my website got 50,000 impressions? could you tell me please.

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Hi Narin, Try Google analytics because Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for the website and its a fantastic resource for any website.

      • Narin

        I’m really happy to see your reply. I have google analytics for my website already but it’s show only Visitor and Pageview could you tell me where can i find Impressions?

        • Shah Sultan Rony

          Login your Google Webmaster Tools. Webmaster tools show your websites current Status:
          I attached a screenshot for you.
          Google Webmaster

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