Can I Use AdSense for My Adult Blog ?

Yesterday, One of my friends ( blogger ) ask me I have a Adult/Sexual site. Can I place Google AdSense ads code on a site with adult content?

The answer is NO.

If you are running sites related to any adult niche or if your site is full of mature content, never put AdSense code on your website. Because, Adsense is not allowed on adult sites. Under the Google AdSense program policies,  publishers of web content “must not contain pornographic or adult content”.

Most of publishers don’t care whether it is legal or illegal. If you have a approved adsense account, you may keep using Adsense with your adult site, but there is every chance that Google will find it out & ban you.

Check the AdSense Terms and Conditions very carefully before risking getting banned. Here is the link-1 and link-2 that can tell you more about the site content that is not allowed with adsense.

I know some popular tabloids, entertainment websites, magazines and newspapers using adsense ads on their adult pages. Which should be banned. I don’t know why they are not. But I think that, Popular companies that get a billion impressions a day are invited to have a “premium adsense account” their rules are different from the normal account. If you are a medium or small web publisher, be carefull. Otherwise Adsense removed ads from your blog due to adult content.

Important Note:

  • If you want to build an adult site, make it completely separate from your AdSense.
  • Remove the ads from your blog if you don’t like to lose your account.
  • Remove your site link from adult blogs.
  • If your blog got traffic from the Adult site your adsense team will disable your account.

Finally one thing i want to say Google AdSense publishers aren’t allowed to place Google ads on web pages that contain adult content. I hope this article helped you to learn about the adult content regarding Google Adsense policies. If you have any doubt post as a comment below.


  • karan

    No you can run google adsense on any porn website. Read the google adsense policy for that to get the more detail

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      If you have approved adsense account and you are using it to show it on the Porn site. Google AdSense Ad Serving has been Disabled to Your Site. Read this Adsense content guideline . Follow the first rule is Sites with Google ads may not include or link to: Pornography, adult or mature content. So don’t try to use Adsense on your porn site.

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