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First, please read my post about “Creating An Ad Campaign & Order

You are now at the last page you will see before your order successfully added to your account. On this page you will see a list of all the keywords in your account.

Three columns you should became familiar with are the “Stats”, “Base Bid (CPC)” and the “Avg. Pos.” columns.

Stats Column:
This column tells you the review stats of your keywords. If your keywords have not been reviewed yet, the status will display “Pending”. If your keywords have been reviewed they will either display “Approved” or “Rejected”.

Base Bid (CPC) Column:
This column lists your current maximum bid (the amount of money you pay for each click) for each of your keywords. If you want to adjust the bid for a specific keyword you can do so by typing in a new bid into the box. In the picture above , all of the bids are set to $0.20 per click.

I created this account for one of my clients and this is the bid prize my client specified. I don’t recommend starting of with a bid quite that high, unless you know what you’re doing. If you want to re-adjust all of the max bids for all your keywords, you can do so at the top of the page. There you will see an option that allows you to enter a new bid prize and apply it to all of your keywords.

Avg. Pos. Column:
This column displays the predicted average position of your keywords. This is the rank your advertisement will be displayed at for that keyword. You will want this number to be 8.0 or lower. This is because MSN usually displays eight advertisements per page for the average search query.

You will want your advertisement to be on the first page as often as possible, but don’t risk losing profits to increase your rank. If the your rank number is higher than 8.0 then I recommend that you increase your bids to increase your rank, but as I said above, don’t increase them so much that you risk losing your profit. As far as rank goes, any rank on the first page is good. Everyone tells you that the number one, two, and three ranks are the best, but just focus on getting ranks at the number one position for now.

Now that you have adjusted your keyword bids you will want to save your order, but before you do so, you will need to specify your budget options.

Make sure to check “Do nor use incremental pricing” and if you want your advertisement to be displayed as often as possible, select “Spend budget until depleted”.

Now enter in your monthly budget. I recommend setting it at about $100-$200. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re going to spend this much. In fact, I doubt you’ll even spend half that much.

When you are finished with this, then you can click on the “Save” button at the bottom or top of the page. After you click that button you will be taken to a new page which tells you that your campaign and order have been successfully saved and are waiting to be activated upon editorial renew. It also gives you the option of  returning to your campaign or creating another order for your campaign.

When you have finished this you have successfully created your order for MSN AdCenter.

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