CPM Network Contextweb Review in My Experience


Contextweb is a best and reliable CPM network where you get pay for every impressions you can try. In order to join, you must have an acceptable looking site that features plenty of original content.

When advertisers on the CONTEXTWEB Ad Exchange do not meet your AskPrice, they compete to beat your current eCPM that you are receiving from other ad networks like Google AdSense with the PerformancePrice.

Contextweb Review:

What’s Good?

  • Excellent CPM advertising program.
  • Contextweb’s primary selling point is that publishers get to set the price
  • No minimum traffic requirement to participate.
  • Contextweb will let you set up multiple backups for a single ad tag.
  • Good Reporting System
  • You can block out networks that serve ads you don’t like through their acceptable interface.
  • Good Support


Whats Bad?

  • This will no doubt become an excellent resource on ad nets because they sell mostly to U.S. based traffic.
  • You’ll get your money about 45 days after the end of a month
  • Contextweb claims that this process takes place in milliseconds.


Contextweb payment:

Contextweb operates on a net 45 schedule. That means you’ll get your money about 45 days after the end of a month.


Share your good or bad working experience with Contextweb.

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