Creating An Ad Campaign & Order

When you first log into your MSN AdCenter account you will see a welcome screen. Simply click on the “Get Started Now…” button to continue

Now you will see a somewhat empty screen that may look a bit intimidating to first time users. If it does look a title scary, don’t worry, it is extremely easy to use.

To create your campaign, click on the “Create Campaign” button in your AdCenter account.

A new page will load and you will see several options for your AdCenter account. The main things you will want to change are the Campaign Name and the order Name. You can see where to edit them in the picture below. You can also set the appropriate time zone.

For now we are just going to create a quick basic order for the campaign. I would just name the order ”General” since the first order we are creating is just going to be a general order ( we will create more orders later ).

You can name your campaign and order anything you want, the names will never affect the performance of your account.

Now you will want to select the locations you want your advertisement to be displayed. Please don’t select “All locations”. Only choose places that will actually buy your product, otherwise you will just be hurting your campaign and wasting money.

I recommend choosing specific countries and regions to advertise in. To do this, simply click on “Select Countries/Regions”. This will display a new box where you select the countries you want to advertise in.

When you are finished selecting your countries (I recommend selecting more then one), make sure that “All days of the week” and “all times of the day” are checked. This will keep you advertisements online all day so you will receive the most amount of traffic.

When you are finished click on the “Continue” button at the top or bottom of the page.

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