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Writing Text Advertisements
Now we are going to focus on creating an effective text advertisement for MSN AdCenter. Don’t worry about writing your advertisements, because I have already done one example for you. If you want to write your own text advertisements,

I recommend you follow the tips for gaining favor with MSN at the bottom of the MSN guide. You should also base your text advertisements after the ones I have given you and also competitors text advertisements.

Getting keywords:
Getting keywords is one of, if not the most important thing in affiliate marketing. Keywords are how you tell the search engine when to display your advertisement. If you use the keyword “Web hosting”, your advertisement will be displayed every time someone searches for “Web Hosting” on MSN’s search engine.

So a very keyword list would display your advertisement to more people, which will give you more traffic and more sales…right ? Well this is true for the most part, but you don’t want just everyone on MSN’s search engine to see your advertisement. Instead you only want people who are interested in the product you’re promoting to see your advertisement.

This way they are more likely to click on your text ad and purchase your product. Even through I have already created your keyword list and text advertisements for you, it is important that you know this for future accounts and orders.

Adding Keywords to your MSN AdCenter Account:
Now that you have your text advertisement and your keywords, it’s time that you add the keywords to your account. To do this, go to the page in your AdCenter account which asks you to enter keywords (it’s the page after you create your text advertisement). Once there you will see several different options you can use to add keywords. I will go over importing your keywords from a list and adding keywords by copying and pasting.

Importing Keywords from a list:
This is the option I recommend you use. I find it very easy to use and very straight forward. Basically all you do is download the AdCenter Keyword Template (You can find it in the tools section of the Data Center) and on the template you enter your keywords, bids, and destinations URLs to upload to MSN.

To upload your keywords to AdCenter choose the “Import or Export keywords” option from the drop down menu.

Now click on the “Browse” button to find the AdCenter Keyword template which contains your keywords (I show you how to use the template on the Tools page in the Data Center). Once you find and select your keyword list, click on the “Import” button.

It may take a while for AdCenter to import your keywords, but be patient. You may or may not see an error message like the one below flash on your screen. If it dose appear, don’t panic. This message just means that AdCenter found some keywords that it doesn’t like and it is going to remove those keywords for you. So this message should disappear soon.

After keywords are added to AdCenter, they will appear on your page. When they appear you can click on the “Continue” or “Submit” button at the top or bottom of your page.

Adding Keywords without Importing through a list:
If you are going to add keywords without importing a list, you will need to make sure that the “Add multiple keywords” option is selected in the drop down menu on the keyword page in AdCenter. Once this option is selected (it is usually the default selection) open the keyword list on your computer.

When you open the keyword list, select the keywords you want to add and copy them (you can do this by highlighting them, right clicking, and then choose copy). Now paste the keywords into the text area on the left side of the page in AdCenter and click the “Add to keyword List” button. AdCenter will now add the keywords to your account. When the keywords are added they will appear on the right side if the page, and when this happens you can click on the “Submit” or “Continue” button on the top of the page.

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