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Google Adwords Advertising page will ask you where you want to advertise. If you chose the “Countries and Territories” option you will see a list of countries that you can choose to advertise in. I do not recommend that you choose to advertise in all countries.

Doing so will drastically lower your accounts performance. Instead, try to target all of the countries that speak the language you are advertising is only available to a certain country, then you should only advertise to that country.

Writing Your Advertisement:
You will now be taken to a page which promotes you to create a text advertisement for your Adgroup. You can create several different text advertisements for your AdGroup, which I recommend you do.

Previous post, I show you already created text advertisement for you. Each group of keywords has it’s own text advertisement. You should put the appropriate text.

Advertisement and keywords in the same adgroup. If you decide to create your own text advertisements, try to base them off of your competitors text advertisements and the sample text advertisements I have given you to help insure maximum performance.

Getting Keywords
Now you will be prompted to enter some keywords for your account. I have also already done this for you ( isn’t easier when a lot of the tedious work has been completed ). Simply copy and paste the appropriate keywords into the same adgroup as the text ad you just created. Don’t forget to include the broad phrase and exact match versions.

Getting a very large and relevant keyword list is very important to having a successful account with Google. The more keywords you have the higher the changes are that you will find a niche or basically a search phrase that is searched a lot but also has very few competitors. This is why I have created this keyword list for you.

Setting Your Keyword Costs:
I recommend setting all your keywords at $0.10 per click to begin with. Then you should gradually raise your keywords to get higher positions ( a first page position is what you want, this is ranks 1.0- 8.0 ).

Contrary to what most other people say or do, you do not need to bid $0.50 or $1.00 per click for keywords. That is ridiculous. The most I pay for any of my keywords is $0.30 per click.

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