Google Adsense Approval In 2-14 Days


Many people want to know if they can use and approve thier Adsense application without blog or website and also many publishers have a hard time getting approved into the Google AdSense program.


Are you rejected by Google Adsense again and again ?

Getting ban from Google Adsense ? Want a new adsense account?

Getting new adsense application without website?

Have you ever been banned by Google Adsense?


Easy way to get Google adsense approval in 2-14 days is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. This is not a joke.I have tested it myself and my account was approved within two day after applying for Google Adsense.

It will take 2 days and may up to 2 weeks for your account the get approved. Step by step, I will show you on how to apply it without having a website.


No need of website. You also don’t have to have Adsense account. will help you create your own Adsense account.

Why Adsense Account With Flixya ? 

Flixya is recognized by google it self and it is successfully running business since years. is genuine or is scam?  

Flixya is powered by Google so its 100% genuine and risk free.

Before applying for adsense account writing some informative and unique content like images, videos and blogs etc (Without copyright). You need to share at least ten content (including image, videos and blogs) to be able to monetize your adsense account.


Wait for 10-12 days for the approval process.You should be active in flixya everyday. More you upload, more your chance of getting adsense account.

No need to worry stay conncet with us i will write Google Adsense E-Book will help you to get your AdSense account and AdSense strategy.

Getting ban from Google Adsense? Are you rejected by Google Adsense again and again ?  I feel is a better opportunity with no worries. Because I learned from my experiences it made you stronger and better at what you do. Mistakes help you learn and make you better. If anyone tells you differently, nod and smile. If you want to know more about it, please fill up the below comment form.

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    I have applied for adsense account through, I got approved by google adsense. I shared some videos from youtube and also shared some of my photos on flixya but after two weeks I received an email stating that my account has been banned. I don’t know what happened to my account because I am 100% sure about “NO INVALID CLICKS” activity on my account. Then why google banned me. If anybody have any answer please mail me itsoltech2011 at

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Here are some common mistakes that result in banning from Google
      Third party may decide to do a series of illegal clicks on your advertisements
      Copying content without permission are also against Google’s TOS
      Participating in link exchange directories
      Publicizing AdSense earnings information.
      You can appeal to Google using this form

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