Google Adsense Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT payments are currently only available to a number of countries. Payments are made in the local currency and converted using the exchange rate at the time of the payment.

EFT definitely saves one’s time especially if the publisher’s current mode of payment is checks, which arrive several weeks later. To receive the EFT payments with Google Adsense we need to sign up for EFT.

Why EFT ?

Google adsense standard delivery cheques can take up to four weeks to arrive and that you may also be charged a commission fee when depositing your cheque. If you prefer EFT, your Adsense earnings will be deposited directly to your bank account.

Electronic funds transfers are sent locally and do not incur the high fees associated with international wire transfers. This is a quick and simple process and is a better choice for publishers who are located in Adsense’s supported countries. It’s free and very convenient and affordable for you.

What to do:
Design an account with Adsense and click on the ‘edit’ link under Payment Details. Under the EFT section, click on ‘Add a new bank account’. You require providing details about your bank account and verify your account using a small test deposit. Wait 4 to 10 days, Once you have confirmed the deposit, go to your account and under the Payment Details section, click on ‘Verify this account’.

For international AdSense publishers, Currently Google AdSense is providing EFT facility in the following countries:

No Country: Currency: No Country: Currency:
1 Australia Australian Dollar 16 Mexico Peso
2 Austria Euro 17 Netherlands Euro
3 Belgium Euro 18 New Zealand New ZealandDollar
4 Canada Canadian Dollar 19 Norway Krone
5 CzechRepublic Koruna 20 Poland Zloty
6 Denmark Krone 21 Portugal Euro
7 Finland Euro 22 Slovakia Euro
8 France Euro 23 Spain Euro
9 Germany Euro 24 Sweden Krona
10 Greece Euro 25 Switzerland Franc
11 Hong Kong Hong KongDollar 26 Turkey Lira
12 Hungary Forint 27 United States United StatesDollar
13 Ireland Euro 28 United Kingdom British Pound
14 Israel Shekel 29 Italy Euro
15 Japan Yen


Though they will offer electronic funds transfer to other countries in the future.

Finally,  EFT is a quick and simple process. When your Google Adsense payments are issued, there’s no need to wait for the delivery in the mail. Read more details here.

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