Google AdSense Review

Are you looking to place Adsense revenue ads on your blog or website? You will definitely want to read this Google Adsense review first. Google adsense offers online webmasters or web site owners an opportunity to make money online from their websites.

I started using Google Adsense back in 2010 as way to generate click revenue from traffic. The review of Google AdSense is based on my personal experience.

Google Adsense Positive:

  • Adsense is the largest network of advertisers.
  • Google AdSense has the best publisher interface and gives more control
  • Google AdSense is one of the best CPC (Cost Per Click) ad networks available on the market.
  • AdSense provides many types of ad formats. example link units, text ads, image ads, Video ads etc.
  • Google AdSense website is easy to use. You can rotate a maximum of 4 color combinations for the ad displays to match your website colors.
  • Google adsense show content based ads and relative to user’s interest.
  • Google Adsense pays the highest commission for their publishers from 5 cents to as high as $15 per click. You can check how much you’re earning for Placement ads by viewing the Targeting Types report in the Performance Reports section.
  • AdSense for search is available.
  • Google AdSense supports publishers in several different languages click here for details.
  • Google AdSense has a large database with almost all the questions (FAQ) you might want to ask

Google Adsense Negative:

  • Now a days many people are struggling to get their adsense account approved from google.
  • New account can take up a lot of time before you get accepted.
  • It will take time and effort to make a profit for new publishers.
  • Google disable your accounts without warning so be sure to read the Adsense Terms and Conditions and Program Policies.
  • Google will not tolerate you clicking on your own ads so don’t even think about it.
  • Adsense will issue payment 30 days after the end of each calendar month.
  • Payment threshold of about $100 in a month.
  • Google AdSense offers payments only check for most asian countries. That means no another option.
  • payment which mostly will take longer time to process.

Do not click on your own ads. This is probably the easiest way to get your web site suspended or banned.
Do not add adsense ads on ptc sites, ptc blogs, or other incentive to click sites. Or else you could be terminated and earnings will be denied.
Don’t ask your friends and family members to click on your ads

Alternative ad network
You can try another ad networks like Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clicksor, Addynamo, Adplacers, and so on

AdSense is a wonderful way to monetize a content/niche website by helping Google display its network ads. Google created a system where everyone is a winner. Remember, Adsense success is optimizing your web pages with the best top paying adsense keywords. You can try it. Thank you for reading my article, hope it will help. Good luck, and enjoy your Adsense experience. Please drop a comment on this post.

Google AdSense works very well for content targeting with more than 200,000 advertisers in their network. The ads are very relevant to the visitor’s interest resulting in higher CTRs.

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