High Traffic But Why Low Adsense Earnings ?


People are searching for “high traffic but Low Adsense Earnings” and some feel that in the existing month only they received lower earnings even after having good amount of web readers.

Advertiser are constantly going to be trying to get the most bang for their advertising revenue. That means bidding or lower bids on different key words. They are constantly trying to reduce what they spend or if spending the same amount trying to ensure that the money goes as far as possible.

Google does not increases publishers sharing say from 68% to 78%, because it effects the investors return and stock price heavily.

Just think, Google decreases adsense publishers earnings, can do till there is no major network competing anywhere close to its payout. So risk of publishers leaving is fairly low. Google sits in the middle and takes a cut percentage of any successful ad placement.

Adsense placement and color optimization: You need to work hard on the Adsense placement and color optimization. Using some Adsense optimization tips you can easily improve your CTR which can later result in higher Adsense income.

Adsense revenue depends on country: Adsense is Geo location based reporting which will help a webmaster to know how it performs in different countries. If you gets lots of  traffic from Asian, thats why your earnings are low. So targetSingapure,Canada,America, European traffic probably your earnings will be more. Sign up Google Analytics for Geo location reporting .


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