How Many Days Take To Deliver Google Adsense Cheque ?

I know lots of  Google Adsense publishers login every hour to see their payment status and they are very much excited to get their first cheque from Adsense.

If you are waiting for or planning to release your Adsense cheque then you should go ahead and read the below mentioned Payment Schedule and other important dates for Adsense users.

1-7’th of any month,- Adsense Earning Report gets updated
15’th of any month, You may release or hold your adsense payments
25’th of that Month, Payment get processed

As a Adsense Publishers, if you not complete this step, it is difficult to receive payment from Google Adsense. My suggestion please read details and make sure follow this tips below:-

1, approve your Adsense Account from Google.
2, Check your personal settings.
3, Check and update your account information.
4, Confirm your payment settings.
5, Complete Pin verification: After your earnings reaches $10 USD, Google Adsense team will send you a secret PIN through a letter by postal address. It may take up to 30 days.
6, Payment method: For Bangladeshi publishers we have only two option for receiving payments. (1) Secured Express Delivery check [$28 fee and arrives in a week] and (2) Standard Delivery check [It may take 3-4 weeks by regular mail] and we cannot receive our payments through credit/debit cards orWestern Union.
7, Tax information: If you are a Bangladeshi publisher, Just click Taxt information and to help find the appropriate tax form, please answer the questions below

My CheckAre you aU.S.citizen,U.S.resident alien,U.S.corporation, or a U.S. partnership?
Simply choose: NO

Do you own equipment in the U.S.related to your participation in AdSense ?
Simply choose: NO

That’s it. You have done your job successfully. Once you have completed threshold amount which is $100 then you’ll get cheque from Adsense.

How many days wait for adsense check in Bangladesh ?

I have complete threshold amount and all this step but how many days required for adsense check coming in my home? For normal delivery system, you may need to wait for 20 to 30 days to receive the check.

How can I request Re-issue my Check and where I will get the form ?

After the payment was issued If you’re already wait 60 days and think you missing your check! Than you can apply new one. Sometime it happens that your check is lost in transit or your check is delivered to a wrong address. You request a new check 60 days after the payment was issued. Click here.

Google Adsense Check BangladeshAfter getting your check, go to the Bank I like Sonali Bank ( because low fee )   You can convert the check from any Commercial bank in Bangladesh like Duch Bangla Bank, Brac Bank, City Bank etc where you opened account with the payee name and Ask them about the clearing of the check.

When you confirmed that they can clear the check easily it might take 20 days to 40 days ( Depending upon your bank. Few banks clear in 7 days few takes up to 30 days )  then you deposit your balance.

I am hoping that Google is planning to introduce their new payment system like paypal or alertpay for their online publishers and it will be released soon.

If you have any question or concern related to Adsense payments and delivery then you may ask your questions through the below comment section. I will try to answer your questions thanks.


  • kum kum

    kindly, tell me, What is google adsense money withdrawing system in bangladesh ? I deposit google adsense check to islami bank but tree month not add my account. Islami bank can not give me any information about google adsense check.

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Make sure your information is accurate and detailed. You may have to contact Google adsense team and ask for help using your payment/check number. This bangla money making blog will help you to learn more about adsense payment.

  • Nayem uddin

    3 time after my pin not found after my adsens show blank ad please explain how can be back

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Adsense show blank ad because account verification problem. Try alternate account verifiation method. You can use any authorized document scan your bank statement and send it in reply to that email that verifies your name and address. Read my post about adsense pin verification fop details.

  • mayn

    wow! very beneficial for me as a adsense account holder.

  • Zh Nishad


    • Shah Sultan Rony

      No its not possible. I am still using google adsense from bangladesh.

  • Tazz

    I just heard from one of my friends that we the Bangladeshis are not getting adsence cheque. is it true?

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      No its not true. Every month I get receive adsense cheque from Google.

  • Joynab Akter


    Recently i take cheque from google, how can i withdraw money? Which bank can give proper solution and easy for withdraw money with low cost?

    Please give me suggestion. I am from dhaka.


    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Try Bank WIRE its free, quick, easy and secure.

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