How to Appeal a Ban from Google Adsense


Thousands of Google Adsense publishers get their account banned for invalid clicks. Invalid clicks are the main reason for a ban, as they violate Google’s Terms of Service.Find out how to appeal and get your banned Google AdSense account back.

Why Google disabled my account?
My friend alex ask me: Google send me an email your adsense account is disabled. why google disable my adsense account?

There are some very specific rules Google expects its publishers ( those using Adsense ) to follow. In this situation first find out your mistakes. Please read my previous post Google Adsense Common Mistakes for details. There is an appeal procedure for Google AdSense publishers, although you’re probably better off reviewing the site in detail first and seeing what might have triggered the ban.

How to Get an Adsense Account Reinstated
You will need to submit an appeal to Google Adsense to get your account back. All you can really do is fill out this Violation Appeal Form and hope for the very best. Fill it out with the required information, write to Google adsense to explain that you have not violated their Terms of Service and be as honest as you possibly can to see if you can get your account back and have another shot at using their service and continue to write to adsense team in every couple of days. Ask for updates on the review process and include more evidence which will support you case for having Google lift the ban on your Adsense account.

Wait for a decision:
Wait for a decision and avoid sending appeal form over and over. If once google consider your request as spam, Their is no way to get your adsense account back to business. Once the decision is made you will get a letter from Google Adsense that your appeal has been successful. It may take up to 30 days.

Can I apply for a new adsense account once again?

If you get banned for invalid clicks, you cannot participate again. Just take care that you don’t open another account using different credentials (like an abbreviated name or a different address) with Google. Google adsense monitoring team is very likely to discover this activity and they will probably ban you again. If you get rejected and still want to use Google Adsense you will have to start another gmail account using another account name/ address/or entity/business. This also be another person in your company or family member as well. If possible change your Ip. Carefully read my previous post Google Adsense Approval In 2-14 Days without a website.

Important For New Adsense Account:
* Apply from a different name & bank account.
* Apply from a different IP address and never login from the same old IP again that was. linked to your first account.
* Put adsense strictly on different websites & never on the same one again.
* Totally aware of Terms and Condition and Program Policy of Google AdSense program.

What’s best alternate for adsense:
Yahoo YPN, Text Link Ads, Buysell ads, Infolinks, Chitika, Kontera, Adbrite, Clicksor, Bidvertiser and search google for more.

Other most popular advertising options include Tribal Fusion, Pheedo, Adify and BlogAds depending on your site traffic.

Remember, If Google reinstate your Adsense account- Be Honest and Write professionally.  I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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