How To Gain Favor With MSN AdCenter

To complete with Google and Yahoo, MSN AdCenter was created to give favor to advertisers who have relevant orders, text advertisements, keywords, and websites. If you have all of these things it is a big boost for your account. This is why I’m going to tell you how to achieve this with MSN AdCenter.

Basically, since the technique for avoiding the Google Slap works very well for all search engines, the MSN technique is going to be very similar.

The way you gain favor with MSN is to organize your account with your website. If MSN looks at your account and sees that your advertising looks more like gibberish than a work of mathematical art, then you’re going to get penalized. You see, MSN uses computers and robots to determine whether or not your account is relevant or not.

If your account setup is sloppy then MSN will tell you that your keywords are pending or decline even through your keywords could very well be active. But if your account is very organized then you will be rewarded with very low bids for your clicks and all of your keywords will be active in MSN AdCenter.

Here’s what you need to do:
Make sure you organize your keywords. By this I mean group your similar keywords together and put each group of keywords into its own order. This way MSN will look at all of your keywords in your order and think “These keywords are all related to each other, now it is much clearer to see what this advertisement is about”.

Next MSN will look at your text advertisement in each order and will compare it to each keyword within that order. If your text advertisement is related to your keywords then you will be rewarded by MSN again. This why we grouped similar keywords together and put the keywords into their own order.

Now come the tricky part, You will need to link your keywords to your text ad, your text ad to your website and your website to your keywords. What this does it tell MSN that you are the ideal advertiser. Instead of having random keywords with the same text advertisement you have specific keywords pointing to a specific text advertisement that goes to a specific website.

To do this try to include the same keyword in your text ad and your website. Like if your keyword is “Make Money”, include the phrase “Make Money” in your text advertisement, and also make sure the phrase “Make Money” is in your website text.

If you do all these things then MSN will be appreciative and will reward you with much lower bids, higher quality scores, and better rankings.

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