How to Increase Adsense Cost Per Click ( CPC ) & Increase Revenue

Cost per click ( CPC ) is the amount earned by Google AdSense publishers every time an ad on their website is clicked. It is cost google takes per click by the advertiser. In this article I will teach you how to increase.

Getting thousands adsense ads impression on your web won’t be of much help but a website with good CPC with decent CTR can create a huge difference.

Some adsense publishers getting around 0.01$ per click (yes, its very low). If you can earn an average of $1.00 or even more per click, that will be awesome. So If you are a Google Adsense publisher, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of Adsense optimization because ads optimization is the key to your adsense income generating mission.

If your blog page rank 3+ then adsense will pay you higher if someone clicks on them and your cost per click will automatically increase from 1 cents to 1 dollar. So always try to improve the quality of your blogs as. Simply it means CPC directly depends on higher page rank blog and quality contents.

One of the most important factor that can increase adsense cost per click is the country you are targeting. For example a click on an ad from United States can pay you up to $1 to $4 and click on same ad from Asian country can end up paying only 0.1 to 20 cents.

There are several factors that affect the Adsense Cost Per Click amount of your ads from your website. Google Adsense earning by making some very simple changes and by following a few simple tips

  • Target high paying keywords. Some search phrases bring in the big $. This will require research. Try researching to find keywords with high Adsense CPC and a High Search Volume.
  • Don’t use too many ad units in one page
  • Display relevant ads
  • Display both text and image ads.
  • Country you are targeting is one of the most important factor that can increase adsense cost per click.
  • SEO your content.
  • Enable placement Targeting.
  • Use Section Targeting.
  • Choose the right AdSense format
  • Block Low Paying AdSense Ads
  • Remove the Low CTR Ad Units and replace them with the Higher Paying Ad units
  • Quality Backlink building
  • When creating adsense Ads in your google account remember to enable your Ad Units to show both Text and Image Ads.

Important Note:

  • High paying keywords will definitely increase your cost per click of your AdSense ads. So always try to find good keywords.
  • Try to focus and write unique content with high paying keywords. Good content will certainly ensure higher Adsense CPC rates.

There are many things to get high eCPM and get more Cost per click from adsense.  Read my previous post “Increase Adsense Earning” and “Optimization ads”.

Finally, Make sure, you have good, and unique content. If your post contents are long and rich with keywords your CPC will automatically increase. Get researching on the Google Keyword Tool today because Google keyword tool will help you to increase your Adsense earnings.

Do you let me know what’s one trick which worked for you to increase Google  Adsense Cost Per Click ? Do you believe niche and traffic from certain countries creates a huge difference in Adsense earning ?

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  • Abhijit Guha

    I also believe, that cpc depends on pagerank of your website. The higher the pagerank, you will get high value ads & thus cpc will also increase. My website has 0 pr & my friend website having 2 pr we are posting same artcile & but he is generating $9 to 10 everyday with just 2000pageview , whereas I am making hardly $2 with 8000 pageview & 150+ clicks 🙁

  • Ataur Rahman

    I have a blog but my blog new. My blog running 4 months. My blog daily visitor come 1000 up. But click 3 to 5. Sometimes 0 click.

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    i have also the same cpc problem on my adsense so i came here by google search and find this post , this post is informative and easy to understand . i will try to follow this post , thanks to author of this post .

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