How to Make $1,000 In One Month Using advertisement ?

How to Make $1,000 In One Month Using advertisement ?
Using the system outlined briefly below, this is the system I used a few years ago
when I started internet marketing to enable me to make a fair few thousand a month
using ads. On my best month around June 2009, I made $1,000 You can too!
Firstly, I’d like to say Thank you for requesting this money making system.
Just before we go any further, I would like to stress one point. This is only
briefly explained. Also, I can’t really help you out with this system aswell as I
spend most of my time helping people with my other system at This is my main money making system and I offer FULL help & support with this one. If you would like to benefit from a different, powerful money making system
along with my full help & support daily, check it out at the link above.
All earnings shown are accurate to the best of our knowledge. As with any business, actual results may
vary and will be based on your background, dedication, competency, desire and motivation.These
instructions are guide only and do not guarantee that you will succeed in
making money, but this does give you informed information that may result in
success providing that you put in the effort.
Remember, how much you earn depends on you. Every individual is different.
Some people will read this info and won’t be bothered to use it and will forget
it. Others will use it the best they can and start earning some money online.
A good idea needs to be worked at.
Okay, let’s get on with making some money.

Bidvertiser is a very good marketing place. It’s kind of like Google Adsense and Google
Adwords. You can display ads or publish ads and earn money. Publishing ads, I
managed to make $1,000 in one month



I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a very nice sum of money to make in one month. How did I do
it? Well, I signed up with Bidvertiser and published ads on a website and when people
clicked on these ads, I made money. I’m going to tell you exactly how to do all this for
Firstly, go to and sign up with them.

We are going to concentrate on the publishers section. This is the place where you get
the ads and put them on your website. Then, when someone clicks on your ads, you will
earn money. I find this site better than the likes of Google Adsense etc, because they
pay you through Paypal rather than waiting months for cheques to come in the post.
And also, Bidvertiser pay you more per click. Bidvertiser is increasingly becoming more
and more popular.
Get yourself a bit familiar with Bidvetiser. After all, this is going to make you the money.

Okay, you’ve got an account with Bidvertiser. It’s just a matter of displaying the ads on a
site. Go to and sign up for a free account with them. This company is great. You can have free domains and free hosting.
When it tells you to create a domain, type in something you want your Bidvertiser ads to
be about. Eg, Weight loss. So, in blogger, your domain will be something like
You can create multiple domains. You will now have a domain name set up. So, when
someone in the world enters your domain name, they will be taken to what’s on your
page. At the moment, you will have nothing. You will need a web builder software.
Don’t worry, Blogger have a free one you can use.

You need to write a little article about what you want to do. Eg, Let’s say your
domain is to do with weight loss, so you will write a little, short article about weight loss.
It doesn’t need to be professional or world class standard. It can be very simple. Search
the internet and find a bit of information. Eg, eat fruit 5 times a day or something. You
don’t have to personally write the article, surf the net and have a look around. Your
article can be something like 2-3 paragraphs. It doesn’t need to be long at all. Then,
your bidvertiser ads will relate to your article.
So, whenever people are on your website, they will see your article and your ads. They
are already interested in your niche, because they came to it. So, they most likely will
click on an ad relating to your article. Ching, you will have earnt a commission. Let’s say
one click earns you $0.50, this is not enough. But, what if in one day you got something
like 100 clicks? That can be $50 for one day! What if you got 1,000 clicks? That can be
$500 in just one day!
This method is very good and very effective as you can see by the earnings above. But,
to make all this money, you need the traffic. Without site visitors, you won’t make the
As you can see so far from reading this e-Book, this is very simple and straight forward.
You can seriously be set up in an hour or so. But, you MUST spend a bit of time
advertising. Don’t worry; you don’t need to spend any money. This whole concept is
free. You have to advertise properly. Here’s some of the steps I took to advertise my
site which made me the $9,000+ in one month…
? Make a YouTube account.
This is very effective. If it’s free, then hey, why not? In fact, I know some people who are
using YouTube alone to advertise some of their sites and they are making some nice
amounts of money daily. You will need to expose your account as much as possible.
This can take a bit of effort. But, it’s worth it. Make friends with many people daily.
Subscribe to people daily and they will return the favour. Leave comments of people’s
channel daily. This creates a backlink to your channel. Post new videos daily. Make
them fun and exciting. Remember; make it all relate to your website. Eg, Weight loss.
There are some killer YouTube channels out there which are easily getting about 1,000
views a day. Make your site as popular as possible. Also, make it interesting. The more
you expose your YouTube channel, the more people will see it, so they will see your
website, click on your ads and earn you money.


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