How To Make Money With Google Adsense ?

Want To Make Money With Google Adsense ?

Here’s you will need to do:
1, Sign up with Google Adsense
2, Get your Google Adsense ID
3, Past your ads code.

First off, your website will need to be online before you can get your Adsense account. This is because Google Adsense team will look at your website to make sure you actually have a website before they will give you your adsense account.

If you haven’t yet applied for Google Adsense you can do so going to the following website:

When you get their click on the “Click Here to apply” button and fill out the form. Be sure to enter your domain & hosting website address as the webpage.

You will then receive a confirmation email from Google Adsense telling you that you were approved and how to login to your google adsense account. When you login to your google adsense account, get your adsense code and either write it down or copy paste it to notepad.

Now login to your blog or website and past ads code. Remember, Do not under any circumstances click on your own advertisement. If you do this more than 2-5 times then google will immediately ban you from Google Adsense.

I have my adsense account, How do I implement it into blogger website?

Once you have your Google Adsense account, do the following to implement it into your website.

First off, Inside your control panel click on the “Manage Site” button and select “Settings”. On the Settings page you will see a section where it asks you for your Google ID. You will enter your adsense ID or submit login information.

To see what your adsense ID is, do the following just Login to your adsense account and see top menu your google adsense ID like this pub-27654193548.

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