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What is Craigslist ?

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Specifically, check the “where people go on Craigslist” topic located at the bottom of the Alexa page linked above and below. This will not only get your ad in the most effective geographical location, it will save a lot of time in the long run.

Another standby method is to just “Google it”. This will give an excellent overview of the popularity frequency of ad posts on Craigslist.

If searching for “fishing lures” try adding the word “Craigslist” to your search like this: “fishing lures on craigslist.” You will find hundreds of listings which have been crawled or listed by the search engine bots or spyders. is further broken down into countries, states, and cities. More specifically, Craigslist provides population figures for each city. This makes it easier to determine where to post your ad.

Each city will then have its own category as indicated below. Choose the one best suited to your particular product or service. Clicking on a category will lead you to the specific posting area.

If you want to post in a particular city and it’s not listed, allows its member/posters to add cities.

Posting Ad Images
Up to four images may be posted in one ad.

posting ad

Your Ad’s Life Span
Normal postings are live for 7 days for classifieds. Resumes, jobs, gigs and events postings remain for a longer period of time. To be sure how long your post will be live check for details.

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