How to Sell Ad Space on Your Website ?

If you have a great blog or website, you are getting quality traffic now you need to earn money online from your website. In this article I explained how to make money online with sell ads using your blog or website.

Buy Sell Ads is one of the most preferred program which sells ad spots. It’s a direct advertising solution which lets you sell ad spaces on your blog directly to advertisers present in the network without having to worry about the sold ads.

Why BuySellAds ?

Basically, BuySellAds is an Online Advertising Network. And it offers the site owners an opportunity to make money online. If you are not satisfied with Google adsense earnings and you did not find any benefit to continue it then you can try this advertising network.

Their network includes over 7,000 quality advertisers and around 4,000 successful & happy publishers. BSA will ultimately help you to sell your advertisement space as quickly as possible and your blog’s revenue will be increased instantly.

You will get 70% publisher  revenue direct to your Paypal account, wire transfer or check. BuySellAds will take 30%  percentage of  commission from your whole earnings. Low cashout availability  ( $ 20 minimum cash out value) and you will get paid within 48 hours of initiating cash out.

Short Note:

  • BuySellAds is called top alternative to Google Adsense to earn money online.
  • It is a network for both people that are selling ad space on their blogs and people that are advertising a product.
  • You can offer multiple ad sizes, locations, prices, and more so you can maximize your earning potential.
  • As a publisher you have choice to accept or reject advertisement request send by advertisers with BSA.
  • In my future posts, I will be talking about a new article that explain how to get approved for Buy Sell Ads.

Have you applied and was not accepted? Are you making money at BSA? Do you know alternatives to BSA? Please, I love to hear from you in the comments.

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