How to track adsense check without tracking number

Hello Friends, most blogger do use Adsense in their blog to earn money. Once your Google adsense earning reached to $100, Google sends the money through check on your name. We got very excited when we reach to our first adsense check.

Here’s a quick tutorial to track your Adsense Check being sent to you through DHL. Follow these steps to track your adsense check. I hope you also will be experienced man after receiving your first payment.

AdSense Cheque Tracking Without Tracking Number:
Tracking your check basically has to do with monitoring your adsense check to know where it is and thus you can be able to tell where your cheque currently is and when it would get to you.

This feature is only available to secure delivery option users. Well incase how to track adsense check please follow the instruction below:

1, First Login your adsense account and click payment details and scroll to the last “payment issued” then click “details link. Just copy your payment date and number.

2, Now go to DHL Shipper´s Reference link.

3, In the “Shipper´s Reference” box, type the payment number. In the “Date range for shipment From” field, choose the payment date in your Adsense Payment details as shown above.

4, For the “To” part, choose the present date i.e. today’s date.

5, Leave the Account Number box empty.

6, Select your country and click Track button that’s it.

Didn’t able to Retrieve Any Information:
If you did not able to retrieve any information using your payment number ( 057985XXXX ) Just remove first “0” from your payment number (57985XXXX) and submit it to “DHL Shipper Reference” box and click on the Track box. Hope you will get all details tracking information about your check.

My DHL Tracking Details Doesn’t Work:
Don’t worry, In case you did not get any tracking details after entering payment number because sometimes it takes few extra days. So no need to worry you will able to track adsense check when they will update in their database.

Important Note:
* DHL tracking number, also known as “Waybill” number.

* After Adsense payment is been issued, it takes some days before a tracking number would be provided for you. Keep in mind that this will work only after 2-5 days from the payment date.

* When you call your local DHL or Blue Dart courier office, the first thing they demand tracking number/ Waybell number.

It is always advisable to contact the customer support of DHL and make sure you are in when delivery boy knocks at your door. Best of luck and get it soon on time.

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