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I hope you are enjoying reading my online money making blog. Well, i am again here with one more post on Google Adsense, but this time it is about “How to track adsense check without tracking number”

I normally receive my Google Adsense Cheque between 5th of the month using DHL curiar service from Bangladesh. Most blogger earn money from Google adsense in their blog. As we all knows that Google send checks to all publishers once your monthly earning reached to $100 Google Adsense sends the money through check.

Track and Receive Google Adsense Earning Cheque Using Bluedart DHL: Google Adsense allows you to check the status of your check through your adsense account. Here’s how you can track your Google Adsense check.

Some Adsense publishers getting problem to get the Adsense check. Here is a guide on how you can track your check using payment number. First, Log in to your Adsense account and click on the Adsense payment detail link of your payment tab. Just note down “Payment Number” and “Payment Date”.

After getting payment number and payment date now go to DHL tracking page, from where you can track your Adsense check.

Go to DHL Track by Shipper’s Reference page.

Shipper’s Reference: enter your adsense payment number without 0. example, If your payment number is 054677332, just copy 54677332.
Date range for shipment – From: Your payment date.
Date range for shipment – To: Use current date.
Account Number: blank
Shipment Destination: Your Country name

Important Note:
* Adsense payment number is called DHL/bluedart tracking number.
* It usually takes 5-10 working days depending on your location.
* Once you got tracking detail on Bluedart/DHL website then its time to contact to their nearest office ( based on your location ) to know the status of your check.
* IF their any problem coming regarding shipment or late services so you can contact their customer care center number which is also mention on their website.

If your Google Adsense Check is arrived in India then go to Bluedart/DHL site will show the above data. Visit this link and enter your payment number without 0 and click on the Go button. For any queries, leave a comment below.

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  • Pervez

    I have followed your instruction. but No result found for your query.
    This payment was made on 25 January and today it is 28 January. I am from Bangladesh.

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      It may take some time to process your check.

  • Sajjad

    I followed the instruction but no result found. My check was issued at 28 Feb 2014, till today didn’t receive my check. Need help

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Wait for 60 days & reissue your adsense check again.

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