Internet Advertising Tips


Internet Advertising Tips

The world of internet advertising changes constantly so it’s very important to keep up with trends. We’re not saying you should necessarily follow them, but at least know what’s going on out there. Infotech websites and magazines are a good resource – they frequently run stories on internet marketing.

The following guidelines relate to traditional banner ads but can apply to most forms of online advertising.

1.Go after your target audience

2.Test your ads in advance

3.Don’t allow your budget to run your advertising campaignHighlight your competitive advantage

4.Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

5.Establish an image

6.You have to spend money to make money

7.Advertise in the right places

8.Monitor your ads

9. Some points we have to notice to make effective advertisement:

10.Use costumers’ point of view not your own point of view. What attract you does not always attract customers.

11.Make the customers know the advertisement’s motive. It would be better if customers know that our motives will give them advantages.

12. The advertisement maker should also motivate the target, not only attract their attentions. Make your target act.


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