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Major Banner Agencies

If you want something a little more professional than the free banner exchanges, the world of banner advertising starts to get a little more confusing.

The type of company you’re looking for falls under the heading of Ad Networks, Brokers, and Representatives. These are organizations that buy, sell, and serve banners for people who either have advertising space to sell (such as an online magazine), or advertising space to buy.

Some examples of banner agencies are DoubleClick, Hyper Banner, and FlyCast.

Discussions on how to find the best deal with these organizations are way beyond the scope of this book (they would, in fact, fill another book of similar size), so there’s nothing I can do here but suggest that you seek professional guidance for this.

One company that deserves special mention in this arena is AdAuction. AdAuction acts as a clearinghouse for companies that have unsold “advertising inventory” (space for banners). Again, this isn’t a formal recommendation, but it’s worth looking into if you want to buy advertising on the cheap.

Associates Programs
Associates programs are one of those things that came from nowhere, but are changing the world. Rumor has it that the idea of an associates program was first discussed at- a dinner party the CEO of, Jeff Bezos, was attending. The principle behind an associates program is that you make it possible for anyone in the world to sell your company’s goods and services, in return for which you give them a small cut of the action.

Amazon.corn’s associates program, for example, lets you sell its products in one of three ways. You can either create a link to its home page from your site, in which case you get 5% of anything that customer buys, or you can add a search box to your site that bounces over to Amazon to get the results (5% again), or you can list specific titles, in which case you get 15% of the purchase of that specific item.

Associates programs work extremely well and I highly recommend that you implement one on your own site. It’s a fantastic way of getting members of the general public to sell your products. In addition, although you may balk at paying 10% of your sale to someone else, remember that’s a fully qualified sale that’s going to further motivate your new “salesperson”. Compare that to other marketing techniques and it will most likely work out to be good value.

Like most online activities, you can employ a company to handle your associates programs for you. ClickTrade ( is the most famous of these right now and simply lets you create an associates scheme where you define how much of each transaction (either a percentage or a fixed amount) you want to kick back to your associate when one of their referrals makes a purchase. ClickTrade is part of the Microsoft bCentral network.

To open an account with them, you have to deposit $100, which is used as a bond to ensure you’re willing to actually pay the kickbacks. One of the big advantages to using them is that they have a directory where people can go to find associates schemes. So, if someone is putting together a site reviewing coffee shops in South London and decides to sell machines, he or she can visit ClickTrade’s directory, look for “coffee” and may well choose to sell our stuff for a percentage of the profits.


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