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Flixya is a social networking website that allows you to publish and monetize your content and generate revenue. Flixya is another website powered by Google. All you need to do is to Sign Up for a new account and share your photos, videos and articles with other users in Flixya. You can earn 100% adsense revenue from your photo, videos or blog. Flixya  registration is an free self-publishing platform on which members can upload their content and make money, absolutely free

How to create a flixya account?

Opening an account on Flixya is really eassy, go to website and create an account with the ‘Sign Up’ link or join Flixya now!


Monetize  Your Adsense Account:

You need to upload more than 10 content like photos, videos or articles then you will see the option for monetization  your adsense account or If you don’t have an Adsense Account, you can also apply for the new Adsense account.


How much can I earn with Flixya?

Your earning entirely depends on your work. It depends on how much content you have shared, how many visitors you get on your content, how much ad clicks and impressions on your content. You will get money on each click &  you can be paid $0.01 – $10+  per click as well.


If you will be a flixya member then definitely you be able to witness a great profits coming on your way. So I will suggest you to share your unique content, like photos that you have clicked yourself or videos that you have shotted with your camera or articles that is specially yours. what are you waiting for? Join Flixya right now.


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