My Google Adsense Check $ 184, Review

Today I’m gonna show you my  Adsense check, it’s not much but a very promising step to a better earning future.

I am very happy to start earning money online with Google Adsense. I would like to share adsense payment proof information in this article.

I thought I’d take a photo of my Google Adsense check (like a lot of other folks have done)

You know that Google Adsense only releases checks when earnings reach $100 in any given month,

I really worked hard, learnt a lot, and always try to do something new. I researched all the possible ways to make money online at home and have been in touch with many projects serving information on Online Income.

I am using secure check delivery. Secured express delivery allows me to receive my adsense payments sent by a fast, reliable courier service for a $28 fee. Since it’s a DHL professional courier service, Adsense provide me a unique tracking number to track my check shipping.

This unique tracking number show up in my Google adsense Payment history page by 23 august 2012 & traking start 31st august on DHL. This got me more excited and I started telling friends about my Google Adsense Check stats. My Payments arrive within 10 days ( 6th august 2012 ).

I recently got a small Adsense check from Google, this one is  $ 184. It is a beautiful cheque which is having green boarder.  And hopefully next step I can get to over $1000 monthly checks like the AdSense gurus.

I promised to tell you at the start of this blog why my first check is memorable. I will always remember it because I will never receive it. So using Secured Express Delivery to receive Google Adsense checks appears to be a better option than the Standard Delivery payment.

Some people asked me, tons of questions about Google Adsense. My advice is, Use only the legal methods to get clicks. Don’t use any illegal method to make money from Google adsense.  Please read my adsense related articles, This will improve your earnings from Google adsense.

If you have received your  check  from Google Adsense, you can share your experience  and If you have any queries regarding google adsense check than you may ask questions in my comment system. I will try my best to answer your questions.

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