My New Google Adsense Cheque

I am so so darn excited after getting my another adsense cheque from Google and I tell you my friends i am very very happy that my this blog has started earning But I am not showing any information about about the cheque because of privacy.

Recently I’ve been making some money with direct advertising and affiliate commission, but I still like Google Adsense for passive income. It’s completely passive so I don’t have to do anything extra to generate this income. Well, I tweaked the ads here and there, but it’s pretty stable now.

I will give you some tips and tricks to earn money and also some tips about Google adsense which i used and got paid.

Google AdSense is a program in which webmasters can display Google advertisements on their Web sites and earn revenue from visitor clicks.

This is a very good opportunity for bloggers to earn revenues for your websites. As a blogger, you can easily install the ads into your website and Google reviews ads using language filters and professional linguists to prevent the display of inappropriate text or content and to ensure that all material conforms to professional editorial and ethical standards. Competitive advertisements can be blocked and default ads can be created or selected.

I already tell you why my first Google Adsense cheque is memorable. So, I am using DHL courier service because it’s secured and very fist also I can track my Google Adsense Cheque stats using Adsense tracking number/payment number from home and it showed me details stats.

I have been working with Google Adsense for quite a while now and I have some simple tips for low earners to boost their Income. Yes, my friends there are some techniques which i used with google adsense and which worked !! Will be telling you those techniques as soon as possible.

My goal, at that time, is that I can hit $1,000 per month via Google Adsense and simply continue to create great content that reached a wide audience and yet remained exceptionally practical.

If you have received your Adsense cheque from Google, you can share your experience and If you have any queries regarding this than you may ask questions in my comment system. I will try my best to answer your questions.

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  • Sumon

    Congratulation bro. Hope you will hit soon at your target. Go Ahead. 🙂

  • Bubbles

    Congratulation! How I wish I was able to read an article like this, I could have prevented my Google Adsense from getting banned. this is very useful.

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