Receiving Google Adsense Payments Via Western Union

Western Union is a worldwide money transfer service, that allows you to receive your Adsense payments in quick cash.

But before choosing this Adsense payment option, your Adsense revenue must meet the payment method selection threshold.

You will than choose your Adaense payment options by editing the payment details on the account setting page. Make sure your payee information (name and address) matches your IC.

Google Adsense Payment Options:

These are some adsense payment options. Please do not chosen payment by Cheque. because, Cheque reaches at your home address near after one month. It takes you towards to late. Non US publishers don’t like it. Cheque can be lost too.

  • Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Payment by Western Union Quick Cash
  • Payment by Cheque

Here’s a guide on How to receive Adsense payments via Western Union:

Firstly, you need to qualify for payment. Then log in to Google Adsense account and look for “My Account” tab. If Google sent you a payment, you will see a “Payment issued” in the description. Click on the payment details link. Now click on the Western Union Quick Cash and Continue.

Why Western Union Best for Adsense?

This is very useful for people who live outside USA. Payments will be available for pick up at your local Western Union Agent the day after they are sent according to the normal payment schedule. That’s right, just one day waiting time!.

Google Adsense does not charge you a fee if you choose to receive payments by Western Union Quick Cash. The payments will be made in US dollars, but they may be picked up in your local currency. You do not have the hassles of dealing with a bank and their related high fees, depositing and waiting for these funds to clear.

Payment by Western Union Quick Cash is currently available in the following countries and areas:

Western Union payments are currently only available to a number of countries click here. If you live in any of these locations, you can now sign up to receive your Adsense payments from your local Western Union agent. Unluckily, my country bangladesh is not in the list, and I hope someday it will be included for Western Union payment option.

Important Note:

  • Adsense can send Western Union payments only to publishers that have an individual account at this time.
  • This payment method can be used for individual payee names and not for business account.
  • The Payee name must match the name of the Government issued identity cards.
  • Payments are made in US dollars but they can be collected at Western union office in local currency.

Overall, To be honest this is really the method I would recommend to receive your Adsense payment via Western Union Quick Cash. no hassle payment options and you can get the money immediately on the next day your payment is issued.


  • Rehmat

    I have set Western Union as my payout option. But I don’t know how to withdraw money from Western Union. Can you specify please that what is needed by Western Union agent from me?

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      These following information prepared before you can receive your money:-
      Western Union Money Transfer Control Number ( MTCN )
      Amount to received Sender’s Address

  • noyon mahmud

    How many days to take withdrawn this money in western Union account. please lets me know…

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