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Pay Per Click ( PPC ) advertise is an advertiser program that allow advertiser sign up and place ads on content websites, and they pay for every customer that click through their ads and landed on their website.

Mainly based on contextual content, where relevant content is shows based on the website content type! By this, they are referring relevant customer that searching for the similar content!

Advertisers enjoy PPC advertising because it is simple, they have greater control over their ad campaign, and they receive better feedback on its performance. The growing importance of online marketing makes PPC an important arena for them to use and master and in fact, it’s not uncommon for CEO’s to do their own company’s PPC campaigns.

There are Top 10 most popular Pay Per Clicks ( PPC ) advertising program that you can choose from, and they are as following:

1, Google Adwords
Google adwords tools is one of the most popular advertisement networks available for free on the internet. This is the system to assist you in marketing your digital products or services in the Google Search Engine.

2, Clicksor
Clicksor Inc is one of the worlds leading Contextual Advertising solutions. With over 150 thousand content websites in their network.

3, Yahoo:
Display Advertising on the Yahoo! ad Network. Display advertising can increase your online presence and reach your marketing goals.

4, Bidvertiser:
BidVertiser pay per click advertisement network offers very interesting internet marketing service, that gives website owners the ability to sell their ads space, automatically, to the highest bidding advertisers.

5, Kontera:
Kontera is another pay per click in-text advertising network. More than 20,000 web and mobile publishers are now using Kontera.

6, Infolinks:
Infolinks is the only In-Text Advertising network combining real-time bidding with full text analysis. It’s look like Kotera

7, Chitika:
Chitika offers advertisers & publishers user targeted, mobile and local ads for websites, search targeted, apps, blogs and mobile sites.

8, Netklix:
Netklix is a Pay per Click Advertising Network offering Online Advertising opportunities to all Advertisers, both small and large.

9, Microsoft
Microsoft Media Network delivers your story to the right audience, at the right time, across channels. Microsoft Media Network are ideal for direct response & online brand building campaigns with comprehensive analytics & campaign targeting.

10, Adbrite
AdBrite is CPC Ad Network and one of the largest Internet Marketing company, and also the best Google Adsense Alternative.

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