Why Keywords Rejected From MSN or Google| PPC Bidding Tips

Having perfect bids will allow you to keep a first page position as well as give you affordable traffic with a good profit. MSN AdCenter’s minimum bid is $0.05 per click.

I recommend starting your bids at $0.05 and then increase your bids so you can receive a higher position, but don’t increase your bids so much that you risk losing your profit.

After you’ve adjust your bids to increase your ad position, I recommend you wait 5-7 days before you adjust them again. This is so you can get a good idea of how much your new bid has helped or hurt you.

If you wake up the next morning and see that you have a keyword that has receive too much traffic with not enough results, then I recommend that you immediately lower that bid.

MSN AdCenter Rejected Keywords:
MSN AdCenter is a little different from the other search engines because most of the time they only reject keywords when you are submitting them so they never really are rejected once they are in your account.

So if my keywords are not rejected, why does it say they are?
This may seem a little different, but when you think a keyword is rejected it is not really rejected at al. Instead it is your text advertisement that is rejected for that keyword. You see the way MSN AdCenter works is they only allow you to advertise certain keywords with certain text advertisements.

This means that text advertisement A may be displayed for 80% of your keywords while text advertisement B will be displayed for 20% of your keywords.

When your keyword says it is rejected, it really means that none of your text advertisements have been approved to display whenever that keyword is searched.

Incoming search terms:

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