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This is a lengthy post, So please read my previous post “Creating A New Advertising Campaigns“.

Choosing Locations:
On the next page you are required to name your new campaign and you can create a description for your campaign to help you know more details about your campaign ( the description text box will not affect your campaign no matter what you put in it, the description is meant to only help you in organizing your campaigns ).

You will also see the option for choosing your “geo-targeting preference”. This is just a big phrase for choosing which countries you want to advertise in.

If you remember when we first set up the Yahoo Search Marketing account, we were asked what country we lived in. Well if you have “Entire Market” selected (which I recommend doing ) you will advertise to your country and your neighboring countries that speak the same language. If you have “Specific Regions” checked you will be able to choose a more specific area to advertise I such as a specific state, city. or territory.

Naming your Yahoo Search Marketing adgroup & other adgroup settings:
After you click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page, you will be taken to a new page where you are asked to name your AdGroup.

Since you will be grouping similar keywords together and putting each group in their own AdGroup, you will want the name to be descriptive and specific ( actually, I have already grouped these keywords together for you ). This way you know exactly what keywords are in that adgroup.

You will also see settings for “Match Type” and “Distribution Tactic”.

Distribution Tactic

This will tell you how your ads are going to be displayed. If the “Sponsored Search” is checked, then your advertisements will only be displayed on If both “Sponsored Search” and “Content Match” are checked, then your advertisement will be displayed on both and other online search engines and webpage that use Yahoo’s search engine. If you have both options checked, then you will receive more traffic. I recommend you have both options checked for now.

Match Type
Match Type is an easy way for your account to cover a broader range of keywords. If you have the match type set for “Advanced” then Yahoo will display your advertisements for keywords similar to the keywords already in your account. For example, of you use the keyword “Make Money” and you have the match type set to “Standard”, then your ads will be displayed on keywords like “Make Money Online”, “Earn Money” etc. If you have “Standard” selected you will only receive traffic for searchers that match the keywords within your account. I recommend having “Advanced” selected.

After you name your adgroup, click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to choose your keywords.

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