The Most Common Blogging Mistakes

The blogging world has exploded in recent years. Nowadays, there are blogs written on just about anything and everything. Many small businesses have turned to blogging as a way to engage and further connect with customers.

Business blogging is not an easy deal. You have got to put in some hard work. Many people fail at business blogging, Because they make one or more most common blogging mistakes

There are definitely some mistakes some people make when they get started. The first, and most obvious mistake, is choosing the wrong property to begin with. Here are some common mistakes businesses make, as well as advice on how to present your business website and blog in a way that helps you to get better.

Not understanding your audience:
A big mistake many bloggers make is not understanding who their audience is.You must need to understand the problems of your audience. No matter how knowledgable you are on a topic, if you aren’t connecting with your target audience, you are wasting billable time. In order to deliver useful information, you must understand both the issues your potential clients are facing and how much they already know about the topic.

Trying to run too many websites:
This is a big problem I’ve had since my youth. I at one point had five blogs I  believe. I called myself running these all at the same time because I was creating content for them all. Trying to do too much at one time

Updating Too Little Or Too Much:
If there are long gaps between posts your readers may take your blog too lightly if they check on a regular basis looking for new interesting posts. Conversely, if you update too much with content that is sub-par and just filler, your readers will question the worthiness of your blog and it will come off more like spam.

There are some common mistakes that businesses make with blogging. I’m going to highlight them for you here so that you can avoid them,

  • Not Doing Basic SEO or Ignoring SEO.
  • Not build a community of raving fans for your business.
  • Bad writing.
  • Not Responding to Reader Comments.
  • Not being indexed in search engines.
  • Not promoting your blog.
  • New content isn’t easily discoverable
  • Not collaborating with other bloggers in your industry.
  • Not Utilizing Your Experience.
  • Never commenting on other blogs in your niche.
  • Not choosing the right blogging platform.
  • Not providing useful content.
  • Didn’t do any keyword research.
  • Try to sell too many different products.

Blogging Skills:
The art of blogging effectively is a very important skill you must master. Keyword Research, Content Creation, Social Media Knowledge,LinkBuilding, Basics of SEO etc

What other blogging mistakes have you noticed? How would you improve your blogging? Please share your comments in the box below.

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