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Article directories used to be great sources of backlinks and traffic. Since the Google Panda updates in May 2011, they have lost some of their power, but they are still valuable.

It used to be that you could write an article, submit it to the few most popular article directories online and that would be a guaranteed way to get some traffic to your site. Not much, but always some. Now, many article directories don’t get that much traffic anymore, but they are still valuable places to get backlinks from.

To help us with the process, we’re going to use an awesome free tool called Article Submission Helper. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Theoretically, you can submit articles to hundreds of directories, using Article Submission Helper. However, most of those directories are not worth submitting to, because they are trashy sites, plus many of the directories have completely gone missing. Instead,

we’re going to use it to submit just to a handful of directories, striking the perfect balance between getting good link value and keeping the time investment to a minimum.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Go to the Article Submission Helper website.
2. Sign up to get to the download page and download the file provided there.
3. You now have a .zip file saved on your harddrive.
4. Unzip the file to get the ASHelper.air file:
5. You need Adobe Air to run Article Submission Helper. Chances are, you already have that. If not, go here to install it (free).
6. Once you have Air installed, double-click the ASHelper.air file to install Article Submission Helper. Follow the instructions on screen and select a location where you want to install the application.
7. You now have it installed in the folder you designated during installation. The standard folder name is “ASHelper”.

The folder contains various files:
The software is now installed and operational. You can stat it up and use it right away, if you want to. Only, in it’s current state, it’s loaded up with hundreds of (mostly useless) article directories.

Free article submission1You can slim it down to a small selection of the best directories following these steps:
1. Download this custom directories.xml file.
2. Open the ASHelper folder or whichever folder you chose to install Article Submission Helper in, during the installation.
3. In the folder, you’ll see a file called “directories.xml”:
4. Copy the new directories.xml file into this folder and over-write the old one.

Now, when you start Article Submission Helper, you’ll see that there are only a small number of sites loaded. These sites are all working and actually publish your articles in a reasonable amount of time (last update: 07/07/2011).

Here’s an overview of what you see when you start Article Submission Helper:
A: This is the list of article directories you can submit to, using Article Submission Helper.
B: Here, you enter the account information you want to use when registering the accounts for the article directories. Once again, you can use the fake name generator to create fictional profiles, if you want to.
C: Here, you enter the info for the article you want to submit. Article Submission Helper supports spinning and uses this format: {variation 1|variation 2}.
D: This is where the article directories will be loaded. Article Submission Helper will always attempt to auto-fill all the fields for you and it usually succeeds. Sometimes, you need to manually select a category or solve a captcha, before submitting the article.

Using the modified, trimmed-down list of directories, it should not take more than a few minutes to do all of the submissions, using Article Submission Helper.

Add your link as an html-hyperlink to the “Signature” field. The signature should just be a simple call to action followed by your link.

For your reference, here’s what an html link looks like: <a href=”http://educationand.com/”>Department of Education</a>

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