Earn with your Blog using Mobile Broadband

The social media and blogging explosion over the past few years has been phenomenal, and nowhere has the affect been felt more than in mobile broadband. If you’re a blogger or social animal, you really are missing out by not getting yourself online on the move; you’re also missing opportunities to optimize your blog to make money.

For bloggers, most of whom are big social media users too, mobile broadband is becoming an essential tool in their armoury. What has really brought bloggers into the realm of journalists, putting them on something of an even footing, is the ability to share information wherever they are, as it happens – nothing does this better than a mobile broadband connection. Being on top of events as they occur, can do wonders to boost your blogs readership and increase your chances of monetizing the blog to its full potential.

And, of course, you won’t miss out when other people happen to be at the centre of the action – you may even be able to make your way there and get involved, rather than reading about something you needn’t have missed when you get home.

Even if you’re not the kind of blogger who wants to spend their time on the cutting edge, simply having a way to get your thoughts down – and out – can be of huge benefit. An idea that isn’t fully formed can easily be tweeted to gauge reaction or persuade debate, making it a much simpler task to further round an opinion or idea.

As for social networking, it’s increasingly important to be online everywhere as the way people communicate is splintering. Sure, some of your friends may call or text you the old fashioned way, but others only seem to exist on Facebook or Twitter, meaning it can be easy to miss out if you don’t have all your bases covered.

Luckily, smartphones are making it incredibly easy to keep up. You can pick up a free smartphone on all but the cheapest tariffs, while prepay models are hitting the stores around the £100 mark. Most contracts now have some data included and all the social media apps are free downloads, if not already installed – even popular blog tools such as WordPress have apps now too.

If you’re serious about your blogging though and want to use it to earn money online, you’ll probably want to opt for a mobile broadband dongle or Wi-Fi (MiFi) unit. A dongle will simply plug into any laptop, tablet or computer with a USB port and get you online on the move, while a mobile Wi-Fi unit can connect several machines up at once.

This gives you the full computer experience wherever you are, as long as you can get a half decent 3G signal – no more searching around for an internet café or free Wi-Fi. If you have this and a smartphone you really are the ultimate journo on the move, giving you the convenience of your smartphone with the extra power of the laptop when you need to get down to some serious business of earning money.

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