How to Check for Plagiarism Online


Plagiarism is an essential Internet problem hurting both your feelings and your site rankings and its a serious concern for anyone who submits content online. If you are a writer, copyscape is really useful for you. Copyscape is available in two versions,

(1)   the free Copyscape checker

(2)   and Copyscape Premium,

Copyscape provide powerful and most popular web’s leading plagiarism check solution. online plagiarism detection solutions. CopyScape is well-known for its fast, accurate searches & it’s not sensitive enough to pick up small, common phrases. Copyscape is dedicated to protecting your valuable content online.


There is also a service called copysentry which monitor your site and purpose is to detect plagiarism automatically. CopySentry is CopyScape’s paid service If any plagiarized article is published online, CopySentry emails the content owner and informs them.


You can check to see if the article you have just finished is completely free of plagiarism. Go to Copyscape . Insert your website or content address and Click “Go”. You will see list of websites with duplicate content. You can then go to each result and see the duplicated content highlighted and separate out each duplicated sentence.


Copyscape uses Google and Yahoo! as search providers. They Monitor the web regularly for plagiarism. If you want to get more benefits or don’t mind spending money on plagiarism checker, you should try CopyScape Premium.

Finaly, This software lets you detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original and Hope this information is useful for you.


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