How To Increase Blog Comments


Are you tired of seeing no or very less comments on your blog posts? Comments are the lifeblood of any truly successful blog. Do you want more comments on your blog? The answer is simple Yes. But how do you get more of them?

Below, I will discuss some different strategies you can use to get a lot more comments on your blog.

  • Make it easy and obvious Use an easy interface to comment on your blog. I suggest to use wordpress default comment system because its very simple and easy to use. Keep your comment section very simple to use.
  • Ask For Help
  • Ask questions,
  • you just might get some answers.  And best of all, those answers you are getting can become fodder for future post too.
  • Ask for comments, Seriously, this is first step to get comments. Sometimes people just want to be asked.
  • Reply to each and every comment. When appropriate, ask a followup question.
  • Post in forums
  • Best Plugins To Get More Comments. Make sure commenting is easy
  • Read blogs and message boards that discuss your industry
  • Read and comment on other blogs
  • Make Your Posts Unique
  • Don’t require your readers to register to comment
  • Let people know about your entries
  • Link to other blogs in your posts.
  • Add User Avatars
  • Use social media like StumbleUpon, linkdin, twitter etc your blog posts that are informative in nature.
  • Write Something Different
  • Build the relationship
  • Allow Readers to Subscribe to Comments
  • Reward Commentators
  • Make the comment links Dofollow. Your readers are more important. So enable the DoFollow plugin so that your commenters links are followed by the search engines
  • Moderate your comments and take care of spam


Whats Now ???  Relax, it takes some time

If you follow the steps in this post, you will be well on your way to enjoying a much more responsive readership on your blog! Do you know any other methods for comment generation? Please share your opinions.

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