How to Make Money with Articles

Many bloggers hire blog writers for their blog. If you can write articles about education, business, technology, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, learning, social networking sites, social media or online teaching then you can earn more money at home.

Do you want to earn money by writing articles? If you are looking for a best way to make money then the best alternative you have is to earn money writing articles and stories. Every website requires different types of content and every website has a specific target audience. Writing articles for dollar can be a easy and quick way to get started earning income online.

If you are enjoying to write articles and bringing information to readers then you have great opportunity to write articles at home. As a freelance article writer you can typically get paid from $2 to $10 per article Some may require high quality content and are willing to pay top dollar for it. It’s totally depending on the word count and your writing skill. There are many ways that must be followed to become a successful article marketer.

There are three main ways to get online writing jobs
1. Writing articles on your own blog
2. Writing articles on revenue sharing sites
3. Writing articles on Freelancing jobs providing sites

The requirements–

  • You should have a proper knowledge of english
  • You should have a proper knowledge of grammar.
  • Article should be informative.
  • You should have a good writing skills.
  • Article should be optimized with keywords
  • Articles should be written in professional manner.

Freelance article writer:
You can sign up oDesk, Freelancer and you’ll find that largest database of article writing jobs available. Write Articles for Revenue Sharing Sites. There are various sites where you could publish your articles and earn money from that.

Associated Content:
Associated Content pay anywhere from $1 to $20 for articles. You can also post images, video, and audio. Associated Content Also pay $1.50 per one thousand view.

Hubpages is a website where you can write about whatever you want and earn money for your efforts. where you will earn money by writing and posting articles. Hubpages will display adsense ads on your articles that called hubs, and you earn a percentage from ads. If you are looking for a really easy and quick way to start to make money online for free, you should learn how to make money with hubpages.

Squidoo is a place where you can make any pages called lense you wish for free about topics that interest you.  They share 50% of what is earned from Affiliate links and Ads.

Helium is  another good site for writers and it’s an online writing publishing company that pays their writers to various articles on numerous topics. When someone clicks on your article, it may generate $0.03. They will pay through PayPal when your earnings reach $25.

There are also lots of websites are available through which you can make more money by writing articles. You can earn money writing articles by promoting Amazon or Community Junction ( CJ ) affiliate products.

I know making money through blog involves a lot of hard work I would strongly recommend you to start your own blog, write for your blog and attain success. Also, use these kind of sites to promote your blog and to earn some extra money ! That’s a better

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