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Feeds are one of the most popular way to get updates from a blog and every popular blogs has tons of RSS feeds subscriber. By monetizing your RSS feeds you can ensure another source of handsome income. There are many advertisement program which offer ways to monetize your RSS feeds.

Today you can make money online with Pheedo, this is new program and pioneer for RSS advertiser to make you rss blog useful. Now, you will get many alternative to get revenue from Pay per click program on Internet as well.

Pheedo was launched at November 19, 2003 that means it has been around for 9 years and its reasonably popular.

Pheedo’s state of the-art RSS ad serving platform enables the delivery and tracking of ads alongside your content, anywhere it goes. widgets, personal start pages, RSS readers and beyond. Pheedo helps many web’s leading publishers like Microsoft, cisco, P&G, Adobe, verizon the new yourk times, Fox, PC world etc monetize their RSS traffic.

Pheedo is new program and pioneer for RSS advertiser to make you rss blog useful.  The Pheedo feed management system automatically updates all the items in your feeds every fifteen minutes. When you are already get huge subscriber online you can try this one to make money online with pheedo for free  using your RSS.

To get started, fill out their application form to join their publisher network. If your application is approved, you will receive instruction on setting up your feeds.

With FeedPowered by Pheedo can also monetize syndication of video content. To register go to the editorial section on the company website. To sign up you can do it on the official site of Pheedo.

Finaly, It should be not too hard to build and can really make it easier to adopt your solution. You are welcome to share your experience.

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