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If you are new to the concept of article spinning, this short section will teach you everything you need to know about it. Article spinning usually works together with submission software. For example, Social Monkee requires you to spin your titles and descriptions.

You enter three titles in this format: {Title 1|Title 2|Title 3}

The spin variations are bracketed with curly brackets and separated by pipes. When creating the backlinks for you, Social Monkee will randomly choose one of the three variations in the curly brackets for each submission. It will also randomly choose one of the descriptions and one of the set of tags. The result is that each submission will be semi-unique.

Why bother with this? For backlink building, it helps to create unique content by spinning, because the links will carry more weight when they are part of a unique text. If you submit the same article with a link inside to 100 websites, that will not pass as much link-juice to your site as when you spin an article into 100 different variations and submit those.

You can add spin variations to any part of a text. You can spin individual words, groups of words, sentences, even entire paragraphs.

Warning about auto-spinning: most article spinning tools let you simply enter an article and click an auto-spin button. When you do this, they automatically add spin variations to as many words as possible, using synonyms. The problem with this is that the resulting articles lose all meaning. If you just switch out words at random, in any text, you’re basically wrecking the text.

So, while auto-generated spun content is unique, it’s also gibberish and I don’t recommend using spun garbage for anything you do.

An almost-exception to this is when you use the Best Spinner, which is a bit more intelligent about picking variations than most other tools.

My recommendation is to spin sentence-by-sentence. To do this, you simply write an article, as you normally would and then go back through that article and re-write every sentence as one spin variation. When you spin sentence-by-sentence, it’s not only surprisingly easy to do, the resulting spun texts are also highly unique while still being completely logical and legible.
SpinnerChief comes with a sentence-spinning feature that makes this very easy to do:

To proceed with the following steps, you’ll need to write and spin an article (or hire someone to do the same for you). This one spun article will be used for several of the following steps, i.e. we will be submitting it to various sources, so that you can get the maximum backlinks per article you use.

You can also work in batches and write more than one spun article at a time, then submit several articles for each of the following steps.

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