How to Make Money from Squidoo ? Squidoo for SEO

Hi friends how are you? I’m always looking for different streams of income that I can add to my bottom line.  I like to diversify the sources that earn me money. Well today I’m going to tell you how can get quality backlinks and make money from Squidoo.

What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create lenses where you can put in all your knowledge about the topic of your interest. For example, you can write text, embed videos, and embed RSS Feeds from your WordPress or Blogspot blog, so you only have to write things once and the lens will be updated automatically.

Why Squidoo ?

Squidoo is great for people and businesses that are willing to provide their audience with useful information. The best thing is that Squidoo website is getting  better and bigger  everyday. Squidoo is very search engine optimized and very loved by the search engine spiders. A lot of my older lenses still get lots of traffic even though I don’t do a thing to them. So it’s a great source to help improve rankings.

How can get quality backlinks from Squidoo?

First step is to join, If you have a business and are looking for ways to promote it and build traffic with Squidoo. After joining you need to build some lenses. Remember the social nature of Squidoo, creating quality lens including related links can bring you thousands of quality targeted visitors.

Squidoo Lenses is very important for getting higher page ranking on search engines and bringing in more traffic.

How to make money from Squidoo ?
Click on the create lance and you can find tons of modules. There are lots of ways to make your lens an original work of your own. You can add almost any module to a lens to improve it

There are many ways in which you can monetize your lens. For example you can promote your affiliate products, Ebay store,  Amazon books,  or you can use  PPC ads for example Google AdSense. So add money-making Modules to your Squidoo lenses to get paid. They give you many widgets and have a lot of great things or you can sell your own items. There is another socially conscious twist to the site that offers donated dollars to charities for popular lenses.

You may not make much money from these on a single lens, but if you want to avoid signing up to a lot of affiliate programs and still earn money from them.

Finally, Squidoo is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes some time to start making money. I think these article can be a great passive income stream. Go Ahead and Make a Few Lenses!


  • Adsense CPC

    Great read, making money through Squidoo can be achieved from many ways. For e.g. their own Adsense codes for users or you can use it to drive traffic to related sites you know. Anyways its a great way to reach a very wide audience.

  • Maria

    Are you serious? if you are really active on Squidoo you know that you can’t ADD Adsense modules on Squidoo. They are added by default on the lens by Squidoo itself. So no PPC on your lenses at all. What you can add are modules for Ebay, Amazon and your own affiliate links for various products. But you can’t monetise it yourself with Adsense.

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