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There are two ways in which you can interact with other bloggers and website owners, which can be highly beneficial for your site. The first one is guest blogging (a.k.a. guest posting) and the second one is doing interviews.

Guest blogging or guest posting is when you write a post for someone else’s blog, which is accompanied with at least one backlink to your site and helps grow your visitor-base and brand-recognition.

This step is really only applicable to sites where you are personally involved and want to build a community (i.e. probably not the “get rid of toenail fungus” niche site).

If you are doing involved marketing, then guest blogging and other blogging exchanges are a fantastic opportunity to gain some highly valuable backlinks and grow your brand.

Many blogs accept guest posts and you can usually find the contact info of the person who runs the blog and simply ask “do you accept guest posts?” to find out.

For a more systematic approach, I recommend you sign up for MyBlogGuest, which is a completely free community of people looking for guest posters and people looking to guest-post. You can find blogs sorted by category/niche and very easily get in touch with blog owners looking for guest posts.

Another great “blogging-exchange” opportunity are interviews. Reach out to bloggers, site-owners, business owners and experts in your niche and ask if you can interview them. In most cases, you’ll find that they will agree, since doing an interview takes only very little time and it means free publicity for the interviewee.

Interviewing other people in your niche helps you in several ways. Each interview adds content to your site and it doesn’t require a lot of effort to create this content. Plus, it’s high quality content, in most cases. Just like with videos, an audio interview (or even a video interview) is more likely to grab and hold a visitor’s attention.

In addition, it will put you on the map as an important player in your niche and quite often, the people you interview will link to the interview you did with them, from their site, thus gaining you some backlinks as well.

Interviews are also possible in niches where you are not deeply involved. In fact, you don’t even have to know very much about a topic, to be able to do an interview about it. Read up on some basics and ask an expert a few open questions and you’ll usually get a quality interview anyway. For extra SEO value, you can have your interviews transcribed quite cheaply, using SubPly. You can then add the transcription to your page with the audio interview, to give Google some text to crawl through.

Finally, you can get another SEO boost by using a simple video editing tool to add a static image to the audio-track of the interview. The result is a video-file which isn’t really a video but just your audio playing over an image (e.g. with your logo and a picture of the interviewee). You can then submit this video to the video sharing sites listed in the earlier chapter.

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