What type of Skills Required for Blogging?


This time i am talking about the skill or expertise about Blogging.Want to know what skills I mean?

1,The ability to use computers and the Internet
2,Find good keywords for writing articles
3,Good knowledge about Grammar and Punctuation.
4,Can research on Internet about topics to write
5,Good have Idea/ topic/ subject
6,Must be able to write or rewrite an article
7,Can spend 3-4 hours daily to write for your blogging sites
8,Excellent English Writing Skills (if you have no English Writing Skills, you can try  google translate service)
9,The ability to write or copywriting.

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  • Rasel Al Zakaria

    Very effective and interesting article to earn money by blogging. I think this process is better than to search job in various market place. Because the freelancing marketplace is going lower rated market.
    Thanks for the useful article

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