Why Article Marketing ?


Article Marketing is a great way to promote your blog, website, blog. Article Marketing can boost your online traffic, great way to make money online. It has been one of my favorite marketing strategies for years. Each month I write some articles and submit them to various websites for distribution.


Article Submission Tools make your article spamming so hold on, it’s not simple. Done properly, If you are new to article marketing you probably want to read some article writing tips as well.

I will publish “Article Writing Tips” and “3 Steps To Article Marketing Series” as soon as possible where I shall be explaining writing tips and where you can submit your articles etc. But now we are learning about why article marketing.



Article Marketing For SEO:

Article marketing sites have thousands topics and some million readers each month. So it has lots of benefits, exposure to new audiences, links back to your site, improving seo etc.


Free Backlink:

When you are using article marketing sites for online traffic you should still use them for create some backlinks at the same time.


Page Rank:

Article marketing directories that you can submit your articles to & build some high page rank one way back links to your sites pages. Remember that, one of the biggest mistakes I see some article marketers make is by not deep linking in every article.



Just make sure to use the keywords that you want your traffic to increase with. It helps increase web traffic.


Affiliate Marketing:

The first products and services you want to promote as an affiliate article marketer.


Make money:

Simply think that, Article marketing helps to increase web traffic= money


Keep in mind that if you hate writing, you shouldn’t be doing this at all and I think affiliate article marketing works well for both SEO and traffic.

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