Write articles for making money on your blog

I used to think that writing articles is a bit waste of time. But, I was completely wrong.
Articles will bring is huge amounts of traffic in the long run. Use Ezine Articles. Google will pick up your articles almost instantly and display them in the natural search engines. This is the most free, organic traffic you can get.
A massive tip is to try and make your article title as unique as possible. Don’t do something like ‘How To Lose Weight’. Too much people already will have this and it won’t give YOU traffic. Instead, have something like ‘How To Lose Weight Naturally’. You see, there’s a keyword of naturally in there. If people type your article title into Google, they will most likely see your article,because of the different wording. You get the idea? It’s the same with something like ‘Make Money Online’. There is just too much and it’s very saturated. In fact, I don’t think
Ezine will allow you to have this as your article title. Have something like ‘Make Money Online Legitimately’. You see, the keyword LEGITIMATELY is a bit unique and if someone types this title in Google, this article will most likely appear. Use it wisely. Another amazing article sites is Go Articles. Also, use HugPages and Digg. These are
very powerful and the search engines will pick it up naturally very quickly.

Approach Other Sites
Some sites in your niche market will allow you to place free ads. Advertise on them. It is very effective.
At this point, I have told you how to get some amazing FREE traffic. I remember in one month, I fully used the above 3 methods very effectively. I was writing articles daily and
exposing my YouTube account fully and also approaching many sites. I done a test and in 1 month, I made $5,000+. It might sound crazy. But it’s true. I didn’t just create one article etc; I was doing the above advertising methods as much as possible.
The more traffic you will bring to your site, the more you will make. I guarantee it.
Here are some other effective advertising methods:
#Post in forums and add your site to your signature.
#Free classifieds
#Chat sites




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