Earn $50-$125 per referral !!!


Are you shocked ? what do you think? its scam? No its true. The affiliate program over at HostGator, one of the web’s largest web hosting companies and they offer affiliate program to promote their web hosting from which you can earn money. So here I am introducing you to the Hostgator Affiliate Program.Any one can register to their affiliate system and start earning money


How it works:

1, click here for a new  Hostgator Affiliate Program
2, click top of the affiliate buttom & sign up

3, Place Hostgator banners on your blog or site
3, Your website visitors will click on it
4, If they make a purchase through the link that you provide you earn commission
5,  Hostgator will pay you the sum through Paypal or check.

HostGator affiliate program pays really high lavel commisions for its Sales. If you are an dedicated affiliate marketing,  you can make thousands of Dollars Per Month easuly. its realy true. Following is the HostGator Affiliate Commision Rates:

=> 20+ a month $125

=> 11-20 a month $100

=> 6-10 a month $75

=> 1-5 a month $50

You are going to be making anywhere from $50 to $125 dollars on every sale you refer, depending on how many people you get to sign up each month.


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