Google Wallet a Security Risk: Researchers


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Credit card in your mobile
With the advent of development in payment mode via credit cards, Google has facilitated its customers with Google wallet. Google has provided an easy way to make transactions by just waving your fingers on the phone at checkout terminal. Google wallet is made to enable secure payments. You are required to set a PIN number as your password. Through this you can make safe purchase. This PIN number prevents you from unauthorized access. Google wallet has already made its presence in Japan and other countries are also taking advantage of this technology. The Google wallet will soon be egressing in United States.

Technology being secured

Google wallet saves the encrypted- payment card on computer chip of the mobile, this chip is known as Secure Element. The secure element run programs and store data. This is different from memory of an android phone. This chip responds only to the trusted programs to access payments credentials.

Easy to break 4 digit PIN code cases

Along with this amazing facility, there is a pitfall expected. Researchers say that your money can be washed away from your bank account by hacking your mobile phone. Rubin (researcher from Zvelo) has produced an app- dubbed Wallet breaker; he claims that his app would break the simple four digit password needed to set up Google Wallet app. Rubin gave his searching to Google, Google confirmed to come back with the alternate solution. Google’s spokesman, Jay Nancarrow said that he is looking forward to resolve this issue although he considered this issue as an allegation.

Google advised- not to download Google Wallet on rooted devices

It is easy to break the security of Google Wallet by downloading Google Wallet in rooted devices, some of the researches are states below: –

Zvelo, a leading provider of URL categorization – technologies and website provider, had experimented on his own phone; he deactivated the security functions of his mobile. The protection mechanism was to protect the Google Wallet through rooting the device. On this Google advised its users, not to install “Google Wallet” on “rooted” device. Also the users must set up screen lock for extra protection.

A spokeswoman from Citibank stated that Google Wallet failed to store the information related to Citi card holder. With this the cardholders are not stopped for unauthorized money transfer. They are not either liable to such transactions.

Also the representatives of Sprint (global provider of data, voice and internet service) were absent for immediate comment.

Good signs of Google Wallet in terms of security

On the other hand, a security researcher, Jimmy shah from Security specialist in McAfee, stated on Friday that it is not easy to break through the security of the Google Wallet; you cannot easily expose the security details of the Google Wallet. But theoretically, it is possible for a hacker to steal the user’s Google Wallet Phone physically and then work on it. But this will to need good time for cracking the security of the Google Wallet.

The hacker would have to install “Cracker app” and another set of malware; this malware would eradicate the security of the phone. After this he would be able to have access to the Google Wallet. Before running the Cracker for retrieval of PIN number, it is not possible to unlock the security of the phone. When the PIN number would be traced by the hacker, only then he would be accessed to the phone.

Still the hacker will have to acquire the physical phone in his hand, to make the payments by employing the stolen “Google Wallet” phone.

Shah remarked for hackers – this may be an interesting theoretical concept to break through the Google Wallet, but still they have a long way to cover to reach this. Google uses Master Card pay pass that provides multi layered security.

It may seem little unsafe, but overall concept of Google Wallet is fresh and safe to an extent. Above all your safety is always in your hands. This new Google wallet is easy to make transactions and comes with better security as said by Shah, security specialist from McAfee.

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