How To Create “Buy Now” Buttons For Single Purchases


“Buy Now” button is an image you display near items or services on your website to allow buyers to purchase these items from your web store. When buyers click the Buy Now button, they will immediately proceed to the purchase process without having to view a shopping cart details.

If you have an alertpay Business account, paypal or google checkout account, they can give you the button for the code. If you are not using this ,  ask the bank you plan to use for more information.


How to create a paypal “Buy Now” button on my paypal account ?

Log into your paypal account. Go to paypal merchant services tab and Click on the link Buy Now Buttons. Then type in the name of your online product in the Item field. Setting up taxes, shipping and other options.

Paypal will generate you an image code that you need to copy and enter it on your website location. After pasting paypal button code on your website, you should test the code.


How to create a Alertpay “Buy Now” button on my Alertpay account ?

Do you want to accept instant payment and credit card balance payments for your services and goods? Alertpay Buy Now button is now easy by following these easy instructions-

* If you are a seller, at first join alertpay business account or existing user login by clicking sign in page and integrate your website and experience the benefits of using “Buy Now”  button.

*You can see on your account Alertpay Business Tool tab on menu bar and click it.

* Click Generate a “Buy Now” Button and select your business account.

* Alertpay will generate you an image code that you need to copy and enter it on your website location. That’s it, now you can easily sell your online product and service.


How to create  Google Checkout button on my Google account ?

Google Checkout is a fast and secure checkout process that helps increase sales by bringing you more customers and allowing them to buy easily and quickly. Google Checkout’s Buy Now button allows you to easily sell single items with just one click. After buyers confirm their purchases, orders will be displayed in the  Checkout Merchant Center for you to process. You’ll also receive an email from Google Checkout.


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